April 19, 2013

Linkage: 04.19.13

Here are a few helpful links to check out this week:

  • We’re passionate about training leaders in Karis Church. Great words from Micah Fries here.
  • Want to be a bad church member? I hope not, but here are some tips.
  • I definitely don’t endorse everything on McKnight’s blog, but here is a great article arguing for the historicity of the resurrection.
  • Reid Monaghan gives a helpful primer on thinking through creation and evolution from a biblical perspective.
  • Here are some strong reasons, I think, why you should reconsider feeding your children only Christian music.
  • Is church membership biblical? Yeah, says Matt Chandler here.
  • Can we learn from Steve Jobs about preaching? Read this.
  • Read about Four Kinds of People from Tim Keller’s new book (and Steve McCoy).
  • Here’s a “kingdom of God” intro from James Hamilton.
  • Listen to hip-hop artist Shai Linne take out “False Teachers.”

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